A by-law controls how the day-to-day affairs of a corporation are to be managed by the Board of Directors.

Any by-law passed by the Directors and any repeal, amendment or re-enactment thereof, unless in the meantime confirmed at a general meeting of the members duly called for that purpose, is effective only until the next annual meeting of the members unless confirmed thereat and, in default of confirmation thereat, ceases to have effect at and from that time, and in that case no new by-law of the same or like substance has any effect until confirmed at a general meeting of the members.

The members may at a general meeting or at the annual meeting confirm, reject, amend or otherwise deal with any by-law passed by the Directors and submitted to the meeting for confirmation, but no act done or right acquired under any such by-law shall be prejudicially affected by any such rejection, amendment or other dealing.

A by-law must be confirmed with or without amendment or rejected by a supermajority (i.e., two-thirds) vote of the members present or represented by proxy at a general meeting duly called for that purpose or at the annual meeting.

To view the current version of the Friends of Wabakimi (FOW) By-law, click here (PDF 1.9mb).



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