About Us

Friends of Wabakimi is an Ontario not-for-profit corporation created to support and eventually assume responsibility for the volunteer conservancy efforts of The Wabakimi Project to rehabilitate and document canoe routes in the Wabakimi Area.

Our Vision

The Wabakimi Area shall be an exceptional destination for wilderness recreation activities for the benefit of present and future generations of visitors.

Our Mission

Through volunteer stewardship initiatives and in collaboration with government agencies, non-government organizations and other stakeholders, Friends of Wabakimi will participate in planning processes to advocate the protection and preservation of the diverse natural, cultural and historical resources of the Wabakimi Area.

Our Objects

The objects or purposes of Friends of Wabakimi set forth in its Letters Patent issued October 2, 2014 are to:

  • to advocate and actively campaign for the protection and preservation of the diverse natural, cultural and historical resources of the Wabakimi Area;
  • to develop programs to further public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural, cultural and historic resources of the Wabakimi Area;
  • to collaborate with government agencies, non-government organizations, First Nation and area communities as well as resource-based tourism interests and other stakeholders to promote the Wabakimi Area as a world-class outdoor recreation destination;
  • to encourage and support volunteer stewardship initiatives to make outdoor recreation activities in the Wabakimi Area safer, more inviting and user-friendly;
  • to produce printed and electronic literature, maps and other materials to help visitors safely plan and successfully execute outdoor recreation activities within the Wabakimi Area; and,
  • to encourage a broadly-based membership that will embrace and support these objects.

Provisions of Incorporation

The provisions of incorporation set forth in the Letters Patent are:

  • Friends of Wabakimi shall raise funds and solicit donations, bequests, legacies, gifts and grants, and enter into agreements, contracts and undertakings incidental thereto in order to advance and support its objects.
  • Upon dissolution of the corporation, and after paying all debts and liabilities, any remaining assets or property shall be distributed or disposed of to one or more registered charitable corporations whose objects include promotion of outdoor recreation activities or protection of the environment in the Province of Ontario.



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