From the outset, the main purpose of The Wabakimi Project has been to produce a set of maps to help prospective visitors plan and mount canoe trips in the Wabakimi area. After seven years of reconnaissance trips, this goal has finally begun to be realized.

The Wabakimi Canoe Routes Planning Map depicts more than 5,000km of wilderness canoe routes within Wabakimi Provincial Park, on adjacent Crown lands and in nearby protected areas. Individual Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps detailing sections of these routes and bound in separate volumes according to their location in a particular watershed are designed to be taken into the field to complement the use of 1:50,000 Provincial Series topographical maps.

As they become available, these maps may be purchased from selected retail outlets or ordered by mail from this website using the printable Order Form. Proceeds from the sale of these maps will be used to underwrite future trips to continue exploration and documentation of canoe routes in the Wabakimi area and to patrol the routes already established.

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