Canoe Routes Planning Map

Temporarily out of print

Designed by Gail Murray of MERMAP, the Wabakimi Canoe Routes Planning Map is the first of its kind to depict all known area canoe routes in a readable scale. It is ideal for planning a canoe trip, as a conversation piece to recollect memories of past adventures or as the perfect gift for the consummate wilderness paddler in search of new canoeing opportunities.

Data for this map is compiled from a variety of sources. Road information is a synthesis of data collected from the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (MNRF) and from three forestry companies that have generously lent their most recent layers to the project. Primary and secondary heights of land, railway, lakes and rivers, as well as provincial park and conservation reserve boundaries have been collected from the MNRF data set. The backdrop of the map is a "3-D" geotiff image created from the MNRF 20m Digital Elevation Model. Printed in full CYMK colour on 100lb glossy text paper, it provides a striking impression of the area topography.

Grid lines every 30 minutes of longitude and every 15 minutes of latitude define the coverage of the 1:50,000 Provincial Series of topographical maps over the entire extent of the map. Topo map index numbers are provided at grid intersection points. With a scale of 1:210 000, the map is 42" tall x 44.5" wide and covers over 43,000 square kilometres (about 16,500 square miles or 10,583,040 acres) of functionally-roadless, pristine wilderness.

The first printing of this unique map will be a limited edition of 1,000 copies. Produced unfolded, each map is rolled in its own cardboard container ready to be mailed or gift wrapped. Due to the anticipated high demand, advance orders are strongly recommended.

Suggested retail price is $50.00 plus applicable taxes and is subject to change without notice. Pre-paid orders are shipped postage paid. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Phil with planning map
"Uncle" Phil and his Canoe Routes Planning Map at Nova Craft, London, Ontario.

Temporarily out of print

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