Ontario's provincial parks are operated by Ontario Parks under authority of the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act and are planned, developed and managed according to the policies described in the Provincial Parks Planning and Management Policies commonly called "The Blue Book". These policies include:

  • goals, principles and objectives
  • a park classification system with objectives for each class of park
  • a park zoning system
  • policies about which uses are permitted or restricted in various classes of parks and zones
  • a framework for preparing directions that guide the management of individual parks

The original core area of Wabakimi Provincial Park is classified as a wilderness park in order to achieve the provincial park system target for wilderness parks in each eco-region. Classification of the expansion area will be determined through the park management planning process. During development of the park management plan, the classification of the 1983 regulated area will be evaluated, the ultimate classification of the expansion area will be determined and significant decisions regarding resource stewardship, operations, and permitted development, land uses and recreation activities will be made. Ultimately, the whole of Wabakimi could become a wilderness park, a natural environment park or some combination of these two classifications.

A description of land uses and activities currently permitted in Wabakimi Provincial Park may be found in Policy Report P2558: Wabakimi of the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

Notices of proposals and invitations to participate in each stage the park management planning exercise will be posted on the Environmental Registry.

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