Flora & Fauna

Wabakimi Provincial Park lies entirely within the boreal forest--a broad-belted ecosystem that encircles the globe in the northern hemisphere. The boreal forest is the largest terrestrial ecosystem in the world, larger than even the Amazon rain forest.

Tree species include black spruce and jack pine with some trembling aspen and white birch in upland areas and larch (or tamarack) in the wet, organic lowlands found in bedrock depressions. Cedar and balsam fir are common too, however, the predominant flora are shrubs, mosses and lichens, the latter being the primary food source of the woodland caribou.

Large mammals native to the park include woodland caribou, moose, white tailed deer and black bear. Small animals include timber wolf, red marten, mink, red fox, beaver, otter, snowshoe hare and lynx.

Birds of prey include bald eagles, osprey and several species of hawks and owls. Waterfowl of all kinds are present in the park, notably the common loon, hooded merganser and great blue heron.

The only reptiles present in the park are the common garter snake and an wide variety of frogs. Turtles are not common this far north.

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