Project Partners

The Wabakimi Project is proud to have established partnerships with several youth and young adult affinity groups whose members regularly visit Wabakimi Provincial Park and adjacent Crown lands. Canoe route data such as the locations and conditions of portages and campsites are shared in a collaborative effort to make the park more inviting and safer for visitors.

The Wabakimi Project is indebted to these groups for their cooperation and assistance and welcomes enquiries from other educational institutions and outdoor recreation organizations interested in supporting this effort.

GCHS Outers Club
Geraldton, ON
One of the last programs of its kind in Ontario, the Geraldton Composite High School Outers Club has been in existence for 35 years. Under the leadership of Rob Haslam, the focus of the club is on wilderness canoeing. Each June, after a winter's preparation, students undertake a 10/13-day trip on the Crown lands east of Wabakimi Provincial Park exploring canoe route portage trails and campsites.

GCHS Outers Club Website

Earlham College
Richmond, Indiana

August Wilderness is one of the oldest outdoor orientation programs in the United States for in-coming first-year college students. Since 1972, Earlham has operated wilderness canoe trips in Northwestern Ontario focussing for the past 14 years on the Savant Lake region of the Caribou Forest west of Wabakimi. Lasting approximately 21 days, each expedition is led by trained student and faculty leaders and embodies the core principles of the August Wilderness program at Earlham: simplicity, the adventuresome spirit, contemplation, servant leadership and sense of place.

Earlham College Website

The Taylor Statten Camps Located on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, Camp Ahmek (1921) and Camp Wapomeo (1924) offer canoe tripping programs for boys and girls 7-16, respectively, ranging from overnight trips to 50-day treks throughout Ontario and Quebec. In 2007, the camps began mounting 38-day expeditions in the pristine wilderness Wabakimi area where campers and staff live in harmony with nature and each other.

Taylor Statten Camps Website

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