Annual Speaking Tour

During the winter months, organizers of The Wabakimi Project mount an extensive speaking tour to promote the Wabakimi area as a world-class wilderness canoeing destination and to recruit participants for the upcoming season's trips. Presentation venues include major paddling events, guest speaker series sponsored by retail paddle shops and the regular meetings of canoe clubs and outdoor recreation organizations. At major paddling events, organizers mount an attractive booth display of posters and maps where attendees can meet organizers and learn more about The Wabakimi Project and discuss canoeing opportunities in the Wabakimi Area.

In fulfilling the mission of The Wabakimi Project "to promote the Wabakimi Area as a world-class wilderness canoeing destination", Annual Speaking Tour presentations highlight accomplishments of The Wabakimi Project to date and what has yet to be done. They also include information about self-directed canoeing opportunities in the Wabakimi Area and how to participate in The Wabakimi Project.

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